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    Regular Line-ups

    Heritage Series

    Kokeshis in the Heritage Series feature the styles of the past masters of the Sakurai family; they have been given new life through the mastery of Akihiro Sakurai. From choosing the wood to carving and drawing, the entire process is an extremely demanding fusion of tradition and Akihiro’s own sensibility.

    Naruko Series


    Having been a popular souvenir from the Naruko Spa, the Naruko Series, with its relatively simplified production process and diverse colors and shapes, is designed to be more accessible to the wider public. Their expressions and forms are typical of the local style, and all the designs are drawn by hand.

    Mini Kokeshi

    This smaller version of traditional kokeshi is designed to fit more flexibly into a variety of situations and spots found in everyday scenes. Although smaller, they are all handmade to retain authentic designs and are available in three forms: regular, nemariko, and ejiko.



    Invented by Akihiro’s father, Shoji, and further developed by Akihiro, the Hiina series is a unique product of Sakurai Kokeshi. Inspired by the traditional Hina-ningyo dolls, the style crystallizes all the skills involved in kokeshi-making with its exquisite designs, complex structures, and multiple carvings.


    Taking its name from the sound of a pedaling wood lathe, Kiko reemphasizes the act of carving by using a pedal-powered wood lathe, unlike almost all the other kokeshis shaped by an electric-powered wood lathe. Part of the wood skin is deliberately left to bring attention to kokeshi’s origin and boundaries.


    Taking its name from the legendary celestial dress with which heavenly women freely float, our Hagoromo series is characterized by pastel colors and floating impressions. Together with its simplistic form, its atmospheric rendition of kokeshi has often been associated with a minimalistic lifestyle.


    Our Kaguya series, whose name comes from a legendary princess born from bamboo with spark, is made with bright, vivid colors and a strong presence. With its colors in line with diverse gadgets, Kaguya has been drawing attention in contexts of active, contemporary lifestyles.


    One of the most ambitious series in the entire Sakurai Kokeshi line, Cozchi features patterns that are distinctively different from the kokeshis we have known so far. With its sheer imagination, it lives up to its name, which comes from the legendary hammer that conjures up anything desired


    This entirely new line is yet another attempt to seek a synthesis of popular culture and genuine kokeshi

    tradition. With a name that comes from the mythical spirit who inhabits the trees, Codama kokeshis have small

    bodies packed with our values—ties to the forest, handmade process, and contemporary sensibilities.

    Greeting Kokeshi

    Essentially being a greeting card contained in a small kokeshi, the Greeting Kokeshi is an appropriation of Otegami Kokeshi—kokeshi with a tagged message card—for the international market. Although different from the regular kokeshi, it shares its concept, as kokeshi has always been a medium for communication.

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