• Sakurai Kokeshi

    Kokeshi has had a rather ambivalent relationship with its own tradition. From one perspective, in the course of 20th century, kokeshi was sublimated into a genre of recognized traditional craft. On the other hand, the whole process “froze” the way it is in many senses, leading to the current challenges the whole industry is facing—one of which is the polarization of the straightforward traditional and the popular
    culture inspired. As a family who has made kokeshi for five generations, it is our goal to pursue kokeshis that are both firmly rooted in tradition and blend well into contemporary life. It is precisely for this reason that the international market means so much to us. It is more than the simple expansion of the market, for the contemporary world is inevitably an international one. It is our utmost hope that this local tradition will regain its dynamism and contribute to enriching your everyday life.

  • History

    The history of Sakurai family as kokeshi makers dates back to Matagoro Onuma iin Edo period, who is believed to have been the founder of Naruko style kokeshi. In the course of its five-generation history, the family has produced several diverse and very important kokeshi craftspersons, such as Iwazo Onuma, Mannojo Sakurai, Kenzaburo Onuma, to name a few. Current generation Akihiro produces kokeshis in the styles of those predecessors, rendering them through his own expressions. This "repertoire" is one element that singles out Sakurai family, as many kokeshi studios have only one design, although variations of forms or colors might be found.


    Another characteristics of Sakurai family is a unique coexistence of emphasis on tradition and experimental spirit. Following the rich veins of outstanding craftspersons, the family has always emphasized its tradition and the past, both in and out of family members. At the same time, however, Sakurai family has also been a leading innovator in the world of kokeshi, coming up with several designs which by now have become standard in kokeshi in general.







    Kokeshi Painting Experience






  • Experience kokeshi painting at our shop! It is a fun-filled way to familiarize yourself with kokeshi a bit deeper.


    If you are a party of 5 or more people, please book in advance before 3 days prior to your visit. If you are a smaller party, booking is not necessary. Yet as it tend to be crowded during national holidays and long weekends, booking in advance is recommended.


    Price:1500yen + tax / person


    Three types of blank kokeshi are available as shown below.

  • Access and General Information


    Yumoto 26, Naruko-onsen, Osaki, Miyagi Prefecture, 989-6823, Japan


    +81-229-87-3575 / FAX : +81-22-398-5395

    Booking Kokeshi Painting Experience

    TEL / FAX : +81-229-87-3575







    Get off at Naruko Onsen Station on JR Rikuu East Line, and walk 5 minutes

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