• Our Kokeshis

  • Heritage Series

    Kokeshis in the Heritage Series feature the styles of the Sakurai family's past masters. From choosing the wood to the carving and drawing, the entire process is an extremely demanding fusion of tradition and Akihiro's own sensitivity.

    Iwazo Type

    Best Kokeshi Award,

    The 58th All Japan Kokeshi Festival

    Eikichi Type

    Best Kokeshi Award,

    The 58th All Japan Kokeshi Competition


  • Naruko Series

    The Naruko series features kokeshis in various forms; they are created using a relatively simplified production process, making them accessible to the wider public. Their expressions and forms are typical of the Naruko style , and all the designs are drawn by hand.

    Naruko Kokeshi

    Naruko Kokeshi Sumi

  • Hiina Series

    Invented by Akihiro's father Shoji, the Hiina series is a unique product of Sakurai Kokeshi. Inspired by the tradi­tional Hina-nigyo dolls, the style crystallizes all the skills involved in kokeshi-making , with exquisite designs, complex structures, and multiple carvings.



  • Hagoromo Series

    Featuring the name of the legendary celestial dress, our Hagoromo series is based on both authentic kokeshi-mak­ing tradition and contemporary sensitivity. This latest kokeshi line of ours is both old and new-proof of the ever-changing, experimental spirit of Sakurai Kokeshi.